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All State Paper & Metal Recycling was founded in 1986, based on the idea of providing a single source for all recycling services. By providing a single convenient location to sell or purchase material, All State Paper & Metal Recycling was able to expand it's customer base to cover the general public, vendors and also large-scale global customers. Today, All State Paper & Metal Recycling is committed to expanding its services to make it easier for customers to buy and sell scrap material.

As the global manufacturing sector increases its production, there will be an even greater need to find alternatives to the limited source of raw materials. Recycling of scrap materials provides a solution with the highest value at the lowest economic cost. By working with the local community, private dealers as well as other recycling centers, All State Paper & Metal Recycling is determined to increase the awareness and benefits of recycling.

At All State Paper & Metal Recycling we understand the importance of doing our part in helping to improve the world around us. Through the processing of millions of scrap per year, All State ensures manufactures across the globe are adequately supplied with the base materials needed to continue global economic growth and expansion. We specialize in everything from Ferrous to Non-Ferrous, catering to the needs of international clients as well as the general public.



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